Melissa Etheridge Live Streaming

Melissa Etheridge Live Stream

The Melissa Etheridge live stream at 6pm each day is a needed moment of grace in a coronavirus panic world.

Last week I had joined the telecommuting ranks. While I initially thought “no problem” I quickly realized isolation amplifies anxiety. Inside that work/home bubble it seems that bad news comes from every angle and there is no escape from it.


I remember driving home from rehearsal on the Long Island Expressway in 1988 when WBAB played “Bring Me Some Water” for the first time. I was utterly blown away. They didn’t announce who the artist was so I stopped at a pay phone (this was the pre-internet, pre-cellphone days, remember!) to call the station to find out who this was.

On my way home I picked up a copy of that first album and sat cross-legged on the floor listening to the whole thing from beginning to end. She yielded this incredible power, yet showed a masterful sense of restraint and brutal honesty… I was fan from day one.

I couldn’t tell you back then what it was about her at the time, I just know I was inexplicably drawn to her. Today, I can clarify that. She has always been an open and honest heart, willingly and passionately on display for all the good and bad, and every note of her music reflects that. She is a real as it gets.


My Jenna and I sat side by side listening to Melissa do what she does best: just her and a guitar, telling a story, and singing songs that are just simple human truth. She is funny and uplifting, a warm hug when she touches you with something that really hits home, and always, always a radiant reminder that is OK to just… be.


At a time when we are all uncertain with the changes that have came on so suddenly, and are confused by all the mixed messages constantly broadcast from all sides, this is a welcome moment of grace.

On Friday we tuned in as we sat on the front porch. As Melissa sang we watched our normally quiet street strangely come to life. Kids were out playing, neighbors were gathering in front yards to talk or do spring projects, our dog was lying on the porch soaking up the sun, and all around us were the sounds of a lively neighborhood.

It was a welcome and needed respite from the news. I forgot about social media, and computers, and hoarding, lost jobs, isolation, and a dozen other worries.

It made me remember the neighborhood of my youth and gave me hope. Maybe, just maybe, this anxiety and panic and isolation might bear forth a change we can all carry forward. Instead of being consumed by screens both large and small, we put down the electronics and connect personally again.

I know Melissa Etheridge will never see this, but I am beyond thankful for what she is doing with her live stream broadcasts and how she is trying, and succeeding, to give us a moment to reset, connect, and breathe.


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