Guitar Feedback using an Exciter Module

This video shows how to use a Dayton Audio exciter module to get guitar feedback.

One thing that is difficult to do for many home recording artists is getting that high-gain 80’s-style guitar feedback. This normally requires a really loud amp which is often not practical for musicians who record in small spaces or exclusively using amp models.

Using an exciter module is a perfect solution for home recording artists as it allows you to get very controllable feedback while maintaining a quiet environment.

Links to the products used are below:

Dayton Audio DAEX58FP Exciter

10MM Double Sided Tape (3M knockoff)

Hosa Speaker Cable, 10 Feet

Not necessary, but worth mentioning… In this video I used a combo amp that I already had. If you normally record guitar via a processor and do not have combo amp with a speaker output, then I highly recommend grabbing one of these inexpensive digital amps. I used this amp when doing the earlier demonstrations, and it is perfectly matched to drive the module… Just run a signal from your processor into the amp, and you’ll be good to go!
LP-2020A Class-D Hi-Fi Digital Amplifier