Barrie House: Coffee that makes a Keurig come alive

Let me guess: you bought a Keurig with an assortment of coffee to sample, yet found that they were all lacking a full coffee flavor. I’d grown to love a certain blend of Arabica coffee: strong, but not a dark-roast, full-flavored without being bitter or burnt. Yet, every coffee I tried ended up tasting somehow thin in comparison.

If you are classic coffee drinker like I am, I’ve found the answer: Barrie House Blend Extra Bold!


We moved into a Keurig last year for two reasons:

  • We love coffee but typically only have 1 cup in the morning or evening,
  • My wife and I like entirely different types of coffee: she’s a fan of boutique flavored coffee, and I like a traditional brew.

For a while we alternated between my favorite Arabica blend and her flavored coffees. I’d tried out single-serve brewers and found they just did not taste the same… somehow it took at least a half pot to extract that flavor I loved.

Enter the Keurig. The convenience was perfect, and my wife loved it as it does a great job on flavored coffees. I, however, missed my old drip brew.


I went through all the different Green Mountain offerings, then bought pretty much every type of pod I could get my hands on during my search for that perfect cup of Keurig coffee. The Donut Shop coffee was the closest I could find, and it became my go-to coffee as I slowly lowered my expectations and accepted the fact that this might just be as good as it gets with Keurig.

The search would have probably ended there if it weren’t for a service trip to the car dealership. I went to the customer lounge and eyeballed the Keurig machine… Well, why not?

They used bulk-branded coffee, so I selected a “Extra Bold Arabica” blend to give it a try.

This was an AMAZING cup of coffee! It was everything I’d been looking for. So… What was this coffee?


I started searching for Extra Bold Arabica k-cups and learned a few things. I’d been looking at dark coffee varieties thinking “stronger = darker.” That’s not true. Darker coffees are roasted longer. The longer they are roasted, the darker the coffee color, the less of the original bean flavor, and more of that roasted flavor.

What I wanted was a strong coffee, not a dark coffee.

It turns that that an “extra bold” k-cup contains more coffee than standard k-cup. This explains why I like the Donut Shop coffee only when I brewed it as a 6oz cup: it’s the same amount of coffee with less water. So, if I could find a pod with more coffee in it, I could get the same full flavor as an 8oz brew.

Armed with that knowledge, I searched for Extra Bold k-cup brands. While there are several options out there, it’s not obvious from the packaging. So, I ordered several different Extra Bold k-cups from Amazon until I stumbled on Barrie House.


The moment the Barrie House Extra Bold House blend was brewing I could tell from the smell that this was going to be different. It wasn’t burnt, it had that rich, robust aroma of a classic Diner or Donut Shop Arabica blend, and I could almost taste it just from the smell.

The first sip was all it took. This has been my only coffee since, and I’ve set myself up for a regular subscription so I am never short.

I drink it black as an 8oz brew for my at-work morning coffee, and co-workers regularly ask “what is that? It smells delicious!”

I’ll also brew it as an intense 6oz cup, then add heavy cream and sugar to yield a drink that is as close to a café con leche that I can get without going to an authentic Cuban restaurant.

If you are a fan of strong coffee without flavoring, and dislike the burnt quality of Starbucks, you owe it to yourself to give this a try… I promise you will not regret it!



Barrie House sells direct to consumers now, and you can save money signing up for a subscription to get a CASE of cups shipped regularly to you!

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