Quantum Time (Douglas Phillips) Review

I’ve been a fan of this series of books since I first picked up Quantum Space a few years ago, and once again Douglas Phillips has hit a home run with Quantum Time, the 3rd book in this series.

Hard Science Fiction is my home base, but instead of the typical “world building, interstellar travel, fighting an alien race” story, I’ve always enjoyed novels that use the science as a backdrop to tell a very human tale. Phillips builds a cast of strong characters, then frames them in a challenge where reality is no longer exactly what we think it is… and suddenly you find yourself on a ride of exploration.


As a reader, it makes me think of adventures I’d had as a kid. Where I didn’t yet understand all the rules of the world, I wanted to know more, and found myself both astounded and confused when presented with something I didn’t understand.

The Quantum Time series –all three books– have forced me to stop reading during parts of the story and say “no way… is that real science, or is he taking liberties here?” Then I’d be off to the web for an hour reading about the weird, weird world quantum physics, only to come back and go “yep, that was real science.” Well played, sir.

Douglas Phillips has hooked the 7 year old explorer in the back of my head with a time-travel tale explained by science that entices my 53 year old brain, and does the impossible: he tells it with a storyteller voice and takes us to a frightfully possible future. I am all in!

This book is so many things. It’s “The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything,” it’s “The Door Into Summer,” it’s “11/22/63,” it’s “Eon.” It’s firmly on the same shelf with Greg Bear, Larry Niven, Robert Heinlein, and H.G. Wells. It’s witty and intelligent, fast moving, and uniquely visual in the sense that I wish it were a movie. (Hey, Hollywood… Stop with the remakes and try this on!)

It’s compelled me, surprised me, and they are so good that I’ve actually re-read the first two books already.


Stop thinking about it: Buy this book! But you gotta start with Book 1: Quantum Space.