Love Actually: Liam Neeson Drive

Every time I watch “Love Actually” my inner child takes the cartoon walk of what the drive to the airport was like. Liam Neeson does have a very particular set of skills…


Ever since the Taken movies came out, it’s been a ongoing joke for me to yell out “Go faster, you got this, turn left, go go, don’t stop, c’mon go, move, do it” whenever I am in hectic traffic or watching a car chase scene in a movie… because that is entire catalog of dialogue that happens in car chase scenes in the Taken franchise. (Probably why I love those cheesy movies!)

It just so happened that I was flipping channels the other day and both “Love Actually” and “Taken” were on different channels and the transition between the car chase scene and the airport scene had me laughing. The next morning I was scouring YouTube looking for clips to mash together.