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ScreenGrabby: Screen Capture for HMI

cameraThere are a ton of screen capture utilities out there, but this one is designed for a very small niche market: HMI developers.

If you’ve ever found yourself running a dedicated full screen HMI application on a Windows Embedded OS and trying to grab screenshots of a running application for documentation purposes, then ScreenGrabby is what you need.

This is perfect for POS (Point of Sale) developers to grab shots of a cash register interface, machine HMI screens developed with products like Rockwell FactoryTalk Studio, Indusoft Web Studio, and Wonderware, or kiosk developers running dedicated full-screen .NET applications on a compact Windows framework.

Ease of use within a full-screen application is what this utility is designed for! Just drop it into a folder on the HMI machine and run it… Screengrabby has a minimal interface (just one button!) that stays on top of all screens.

Each time you press the camera button, it will capture the entire screen and save a BMP file to the same folder that the EXE file resides in. Files are saved as un-compressed BMP files and are automatically named and numbered. If ScreenGrabby is in the way of a control you need to access, just move it somewhere else.

Since the focus of this utility was to create a tool with a minimal interface for HMI applications, there are no program options. If you are working with a lot of images and need to rename them, I highly recommend a program called “Advanced Renamer” (http://www.advancedrenamer.com/) that is a simply amazing batch renaming tool.

This is actually a refresh of an ancient (circa 1999) screen capture utility that I wrote to capture kiosk screenshots. This is old-school code using Windows API calls, so the resulting EXE runs on any Windows OS and does not require any runtime DLL files.

Download ScreenGrabby (EXE)

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