Mind In A Cage

MindsCage-BlackDragonWhat is truly offensive in today’s world are not the words or symbols used to convey ideas, thoughts, or emotions, but the wholesale outlaw of the only tools available to convey ideas, thoughts, and emotions to others.

Imagine an orange sitting on a table. How would you describe that to others if the words “orange” and “table” were stricken from the language?

When our culture is to remove words or symbols that clearly define an intellectual concept –no matter if it is a controversial one– it is effectively outlawing clear communications. The “offensive” idea or concept is still there. It will grow in power and influence simply by the fact that it can no longer be drawn out into a public forum, dissected, and discussed in a rational and objective manner.

The aftermath reads like a George Orwell novel.

All we are left with are long repetitive rants from leaders and mass media that speak around a subject without actually mentioning the subject itself, all in the name of political correctness, and strictly with the intent of forcibly impressing an idea into the collective consciousness without actually naming it.

We are left with clueless lost souls on social media who spend their time reposting images and memes with wildly inaccurate and intentionally misleading information in a vain attempt to communicate an idea that is now impossible to state clearly.

We are left with a dull aching anger, a simmering sense of unease that something is grossly wrong with our world, and yet we cannot really say with any certainty what it is.

We are left with a new generation of young adults who feel that everything is out of their control, and are quick to blame anyone and everyone else for their shortcomings, lack of ambition, or bad decisions.

A nation of people like this are primed to lash out at anything, never more than two steps away from acts of incredible violence, and are walking time-bombs with a hair trigger just waiting for some small catalyst to set them off.

All because we as a people put the human mind in a cage and fed it a diet of calculated misinformation.

We complacently eat our fattened chickens who are raised in complete darkness and were fed a diet designed to make them as large as possible even though we disagree with the unnatural state that they are kept in.

Yet, we are not so much different from those chickens. And if we are the chickens, then who are the farmers?

If you ever need further proof of how far we’ve fallen, just spend some time watching small children in a public place. They laugh and play and seek out others. They haven’t yet learned to judge and when they encounter differences, they’ll just ask why because they are curious and want to learn about each other.

They know joy in their everyday lives. Their hurts are over real things, not manufactured drama on reality TV or social media. They haven’t yet been hobbled by misinformation. Imagine if they grew up on an island with just their own family and a few other families, without the influence of our modern civilization. Those kids would turn out to be very different than the people they are destined to grow into today.

They would become what human beings are naturally supposed to become. Organic people, in a sense. Free-range humans.

If we are to survive this era, we need to rally ourselves to a higher level. Encourage discussion, even if it is uncomfortable. Embrace the differences between us and use them as opportunities to learn, instead of choosing to stand on one side of a fence and throw stones at everyone on the other side. Look in the mirror, accept accountability for our actions or lack of action, and learn to love ourselves even for our imperfections.

We have to be better people and do this for ourselves. Because the farmers would prefer we stay in our darkened cages.

Mind. Music. Muse.